This section is resources and information for prayer ministers and those interested in becoming prayer ministers for Grace Church of Fredericksburg.

New Receiver Evaluation Form

The link for the Receiver Evaluation Form has changed.  Rather than sending receivers to Google docs to complete their evaluations, the form is now here on The new link is: RTF Receiver Evaluation  

New ePQ

We’ve created a new version of the PQ that a receiver can fill out online. It’s important that both ministers and receivers familiarize themselves with the instructions completely before completing the ePQ. It has been tested and is functional, but some issues can occur if the instructions are not followed. READ ME FIRST – ePQ […]

Early 2014 Training Dates

Mark your calendars.  These are the training dates for the first four RPM training sessions in 2014. January 12 – Sexual Purity, Imprinting, and Healing March 7 – Chester and Betsy Kylstra May 4 – TBD July 13 – TBD

New Address!

The new name for the ministry is Restoration Prayer Ministry and the new site address matches it!

New Minister’s and Receiver’s Guide

We’ve posted new streamlined versions of the Minister’s and Receiver’s Guides for RTF IFM.  They can be found on the Resources page.

Walking It Out Audio Email Service

The ministry God has for you doesn’t end when the session is over.

Instructions for using the Take Home Sheet

Using the Take Home Sheet ((These instructions are available for download here: Using the Take Home Sheet)) The Take Home Sheet (THS) is a sample of one you might fill out for your ministry receiver during an RTF IFM session.  We of course return all information (including our notes) to the receiver at the end of […]

Password Protected Resources

The resources section has been placed behind a password.  The password is being sent to the ministry teams via email.  Please contact the Admin team if you need to recover it.

IFM PQ Updated

A new version of the IFM PQ has been uploaded.  Get it here. Please make sure you’re using this one.  As always it’s available on the Resources page.

The Problem with Personal or Ancestral Freemasonry

The Masons are one of the largest secret societies in history, and something Prayer Ministers deal with in many ways. This information sheet outlines the problems with Freemasonry and how it can affect the Masons themselves and their families. The Problem With Personal or Ancestral Freemasonry (pdf)