Using the Take Home Sheet

((These instructions are available for download here: Using the Take Home Sheet))

The Take Home Sheet (THS) is a sample of one you might fill out for your ministry receiver during an RTF IFM session.  We of course return all information (including our notes) to the receiver at the end of the session, but since that information has notes and many “negatives”, we use the Take Home Sheet to record all of the positive things we want the receiver to focus on during his Walking It Out period.

For example, we don’t want the user to focus on their old, ungodly beliefs.  Instead, we want to give them a way to focus on the new, Godly beliefs they received and the scriptural support for them.

Make it Your Own

The THS offered as a resource is a sample.  In actuality, most of the time we recommend creating a THS by hand during the session. It will likely be very similar to this one, but be sure to customize it to the session and receiver.

Three Sections

There are three sections on the THS, Freedom from Sins and Curses (1), New, Godly Beliefs (2), and Soul Spirit Hurts (3). Each corresponds to on of the ministry areas in the IFM.  (There is usually nothing from the DO section.)


The Freedom from Sins and Curses includes blanks for the minister to write in the primary Open Doors that were ministered to, and then the things that God gave the receiver in return.


New, Godly Beliefs is the place to record the Godly Beliefs.  Each also has a spot to record the scripture that the receiver or minister received as the support for the belief.

Soul Spirit Hurts

The area for SSH is free-form.  You may wish to record what God healed, or if he delivered more Godly Beliefs, or statements the receiver made about the healing God performed.

General Tips

  • Use your best handwriting
  • Stay positive, avoid negative language
  • Remember that this will be uses during the receivers quiet time while “Walking It Out” and for encouragement
  • You can use this as a guide and create your own by hand
  • If you find yourself always adding something else to your THS, please let us know!